Corporate reputation management
Enhancing and protecting the brand


TORA works across the corporate sector supporting businesses from the FTSE 100 to Aim listed small caps, hedge funds, private equity houses and venture capital firms. Our experienced digital team are experts in the field of corporate reputation management and our corporate reputation management services cover a range of areas including: crisis strategy for negative publicity or coverage online, strategic advice on how to maximise the impact of your exisitng digital footprint and key-phrase audits to identify opportunities for development of your online brand.

In some cases we work closely with our client’s external and internal financial PR and IR teams to ensure a seamless delivery of targeted communications is delivered across the digital platform including Social Media. Our understanding of the corporate space, combined to our experience and knowledge of the media landscape and how it works in the 24 hour reporting digital world gives our clients a distinct competitive advantage.

Our team has extensive experience at producing and delivering strategic digital programmes that are bespoke, aimed at delivering value, can be benchmarked against analytics with an eye on the long-term….not the quick fix.  

We enjoy being challenged and when a crisis presents itself are used to working to tight timetables and demanding, fluid and fast-moving situations that can develop at an alarming rate in the space of 24 hours.

Our portfolio of work is diverse and covers an array of sectors, personalities and challenging briefs. Few, if any, are ever the same and as such means each project is unique, handled with care and high levels of intellectual horsepower.


Through SEO we can help identify and target groups and specific individuals that can have a critical impact on a business ensuring that your digital visibility is at all times penetrating whichever medium they use to communicate or interact with the media and general public.

If it is an IPO, M&A transaction or simply part of a company’s financial calendar, Search Engine Optimisation can enhance and increase your ability to penetrate the audiences you need to reach. Our range of services are specifically tailored to compliment a company’s financial calendar and can mirror it accordingly. In addition we can give advice on what will work best depending on the sector or audience you are targeting

We understand that navigating the digital world can be a minefield at times. All of our clients face unique challenges and because of this we like to work with them so that there is a fundamental understanding of what we are doing. Each job always starts with a thorough audit of the digital footprint so that the foundations of the online profile are true.

Algorithm updates from search engines can affect a website's performance and it is important to try to future proof your online corporate reputation by keeping current and in line with SEO best practices.

Many of our clients come to us in the wake of negative press and in the process of streamlining and managing their digital corporate reputation. We find that we create a wider reach, engage customers and increase and focus site visitors. In addition we also find we help with increasing the customer usage experience which leads to more targeted enquiries. 

All of our clients are dealt with by our discreet professional team and all enquiries are confidential from the outset. We pride oursleves on high levels of customer care and work to ensure that you feel part of a trusted relationship. If you would like to contact us to discuss any issue, please do so via email or by filling in the form on our contact page.


  • Corporate reputation management and strategy
  • Media planning
  • Keyword analysis
  • Increased search engine visibility
  • Reputation audit
  • Social media monitoring
  • Financial calendar planning
  • Peer group analysis
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