social media monitoring services
Dynamic approach combined with knowledge and expertise


Social media monitoring (sometimes called social media listening), is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, brand or individual on the web.

We use social media monitoring tools to identify words and text that are relevant to our clients so that, in the case of something specific being discussed (in an open forum or feed) we can help them react to it quickly depending on the context.

Social media monitoring is a highly effective way of managing your relationships online. If you are a brand, it is a precise way of disseminating information quickly to those people following you. In this way, you can positively affect the way you interact with others and promote further discussion. With corporate reputation management, this is a proven way of reaching new customers as well as an effective way of analysing the digital strategy of your competition. For those concerned wiht political reputation management, this is a way of reahcing potential voters as well as promoting interaction and discussion with peers.


The reaction time online to a piece of online communication is vital if negative, unwarranted or malicious material is being posted that can spread quickly and do serious damage in a very short space of time. we monitor a variety of online conversations to determine what certain groups are discussing, for instance in online customer service forums. The intelligence that we can provide is, as all of our services, bespoke and discreet and the intelligence gathering is just that, We take a personal approach to the data so that it makes sense to you. You can quickly determine its use to your organisation and take action.

Not all social media monitoring is centred around reacting to negative comments online. We can identify opportunities for customer engagement, interactions and online relationship building.


Where a celebrity or a high profile individual is involved social media monitoring can also mean the difference to hearing about something on the main news, through a reporter or through TORA picking up on a topic in a chat room that could eventually lead to damaging or hurtful comment being stated. Having the ability to anticipate in advance or monitor a communications crisis in this way means faster reaction time, whether this involves acting to remove a damaging post, site page or to counteract it by presenting a more balanced perspective.

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