TORA OFFERS Bespoke, effective Reputation Management


TORA (The Online Reputation Agency) is one of the UK’s leading Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancies. Headed up by digital communications specialist, Pete Corbin and programmer, designer and SERP strategist, Clair Marr, we advise many world-leading companies and prominent individuals on their digital reputations and how best to navigate the minefield that is the World Wide Web.

We provide trusted and informed advice with complete discretion and professionalism - combined to the highest ethical standards; something that our clients value enormously. We work with a number of high profile business and political personalities, celebrities and organisations and seek to critically influence situations to their advantage. We enjoy being challenged and are used to working to tight time timetables and demanding, fluid and fast-moving situations that can develop at an alarming rate in the space of 24 hours.


Owing to the obvious need to protect our client’s confidentiality TORA does not showcase specific projects or mention the companies, individuals or families that we have worked for – although we can offer you references through some of the law firms, publicists and PR agencies whom we work with. Achieving our clients’ aims is important to us, but so is listening and looking after them with the care and attention they expect. Because of this you can expect to deal with our senior team who have the knowledge and drive to ensure we succeed for you.

We are experts in SERP Strategy and offer tailor made solutions that fit with the profile of each individual client. This makes us a little bit different; we don't rely entirely on software to do our job. Every solution is custom built with high levels of intellectual care. At TORA we understand that navigating the digital world can be daunting and our aim is to guide you through this and provide a service that can be trusted.

Providing a solid online communications strategy is fundamental to what we do and is the building block of to every project that we undertake. We work alongside you and in line with your best interests whether as an individual or as a company. We won't try to baffle you with tech-speak and jargon, we work with you to ensure that you gain a more complete understanding of the processes involved.


Our team come from related backgrounds that encompass everything from SEO, web design, programming and coding as well as corporate communications, media and risk management. Because of this we have a unique understanding of the problems our clients face and how best to combat them.

At one time or another we have all worked for London agencies, but are now based outside Salisbury in Wiltshire - where the life-balance is far more amenable. We find our clients like and respond to the ‘non-London’ tag. Staying underneath the radar is important to us, as it is to a lot of them.

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